Use remote monitoring software to punish crime, promote righteousness

As long as where there are people and money,there will be corruption.Both in the enterprise and national government agencies, there is a lot of corruption, and mostly are Senior leaders. it’s very very hard to expose their corruption facts, so we must grasp the full evidence to topple them. Almost everyone in the enterprise work through the office computer, so the best starting point is to look for evidence on their computers,so you just need a computer monitoring software that safe ,powerful and work in hidden mode.


iMonitor Keylogger Pro is a safe,powerful web-based all-in-one spy monitoring software. It works in hidden mode,You can monitor remote computer and view the user activities from any device if it can access the internet.iMonitor Keylogger Pro allows you to monitor remote user’s computer activities from the INTERNET. With Anywhere Monitor you can see everything they do with the computer by reports and remote desktop tool in real-time and from anywhere. You even can open the remote camera to see remote user’s behavior. Regardless of the person is at home or overseas, regardless of they are at work or on business.

iMonitor Keylogger Pro can record E-mail, file, website, chat, keystrokes, screenshot, applications, print jobs, usb stick insert / remove, FTP, clipboard, sytem events and more.

With this remote pc monitoring software, you can get all of the monitored computer use records to find evidence of a crime to help authorities handling finish a case easily, punish crime and promote social justice!

Know everything via remote computer monitoring

Modern office mainly relies on computers, which makes the work more easier and more convenient. However, while employees using computers to work in the office,they also do a lot of things that unrelated to their work, which will take up a lot of the corporate network, waste working time and the money of you bosses, reduce work efficiency. Once the boss is outside of their sight, employees is very likely to do all sorts of private affairs. Employee management has always been a headache to make the bosses.


Then Anywhere Monitor remote computer monitoring software was born and brings the gospel to the boss,to help them no longer worry about employee management. With Anywhere Monitor remote computer monitoring software, you can have a remotely monitor employee computer instantly and grasp their every PC operation, avoid company loss.IComparing to other software, IMonitor Software Company provide customers with a perfect solution — Anywhere Monitor. Since Anywhere Monitor is a affiliated product of IMonitor EAM Products, it is absolutely seamless combination with IMonitor EAM Products. Being a “unlimited” remote surveillance software, Anywhere Monitor fully qualify the above required definitions. No region and no time limitation, no matter where customers are and what the time is, if customers want to check out remoted computer activities, it would be much simple and easier than ever, what customer need do is just point your browser to your personal Anywhere Monitor webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Anywhere monitor on. No any more remembering IP address troubles. And all the logs will be totally same with these you view on local network, so no any worry about missing anything.

If you’re also having a headache for employee management, join in Anywhere Monitor now!