Zip Merchant Agreement

The Zip agreement allows Respiri consumers to purchase wheezo and pay more than six interest-free monthly payments. The availability of this payment plan option removes a potential barrier to a portion of the target customer base. 2.5.1. It is important to note that the benefits offered by your bank or credit card issuer in connection with the purchase of goods and services from merchants may not apply to transactions made via “Buy with Zip” and Zip does not represent or warrant that the purchase protection, extended warranty or other benefits offered by such third parties will be available to you; when you make purchases via “Buy with Zip”. You should check with your bank or card issuer if and under what conditions such benefits are available. “As a result, we expect greater customer adoption, which will result in increased expected revenue. By leveraging the ZIP agreement, customers pay $14 per week (including the SaaS subscription) for a six-month period rather than an initial price of $299 for devices only. Based on previous experience with similar offerings, the impact of such a facility is expected to represent an additional 10% revenue compared to other channels,” the press release adds. 2.1. This Agreement begins on the Start Date and lasts until terminated in accordance with clause 15.16.7. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Zip Co NZ and the Retailer and supersedes all prior negotiations, obligations, understandings and agreements between the parties with respect to its subject matter.

7.2 Zip Co NZ will promptly forward any questions or requests regarding refunds or merchantability of the goods directly to the retailer and will not issue a refund without written confirmation from the retailer. Categories of communication. You agree to receive communications relating to your account in electronic form. Communications covered by your consent may include, but are not limited to: (i) the initial statement or disclosure agreement for your account, (ii) any disclosure required by federal, state or local law, (iii) your billing statement if you have signed up to receive electronic statements, (iv) letters, communications or notices relating to your account and changes to your account; and (v) other disclosures, communications or communications related to the request, opening, maintenance or forfeiture of your account. These electronic communications may include your name and certain account information, including your balance or due date; However, we do not provide your full account number or social security number. Electronic communications may be reviewed by any party who has access to your account, the email account you provided to us to provide those communications, or the hardware or software you use to view your account information or email account. 16.13. This Agreement may be signed in any number of counterparties (including copies by fax) and provided that each party has signed a counterparty, the counterparties together constitute a binding and enforceable agreement between the parties. 1.2. This Agreement was last revised on the above-mentioned date.

This Agreement supersedes any other agreement relating to your Account that you or we entered into earlier or at the same time. 2.2.1. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE SERVICE. If you sign up for a Zip account and qualify for the “Buy with Zip” service, you can fund your purchases of goods offered by participating merchants (“Merchants”) online and refund them over time with a series of payments. “Buy with Zip” offers merchants and their end customers like you the ability to distribute payments on four equal payments of 25% of the total purchase price (taxes and shipping included). If you use the “Buy with Zip” service, pursuant to Merchant`s agreement with Zip, you will (a) enter into a contract with Merchant to refund in four installments, which Merchant assigns to us and then transfers to us, such payments being added to your account, or (b) you agree with us to borrow the purchase price (and refund it in four installments), that we pay to the merchant on your behalf. 13.1. The Retailer shall indemnify Zip Co NZ and its affiliates against any liability, loss, damage, cost and expense that Zip Co NZ or any of its affiliates may incur as a result of the Retailer`s negligence or breach of any provision of this Agreement or any violation of applicable laws with respect to the Goods or their merchantability. . . .